Jamar Williams, better known as J. Quest, is an emerging hip hop artist native to the Los Angeles area. Under the tutelage of artists Triple S The Best and Jr. Tre, Quest began recording and producing his own music at the early age of thirteen. After joining his high school's drumline, his passion for music as a whole grew immense; excelling in all percussive areas and eventually receiving the prestigious title of Drum Captain. In his final tenure with the organization, Quest led the group to the state championships in San Francisco hosted by the WBA (Western Band Association). Upon finishing his run with the line, representatives from the United States Marine Corps presented Quest with the Semper Fidelis award for exemplifying excellent musicianship and leadership. After graduating with praise, Quest would continue his passion for drumming with the award winning Pulse Percussion Ensemble; placing first in the nation and receiving a national gold medal at the WGI (Winter Guard International) Championships held in Dayton, Ohio.

After his overwhelming success at the competitive level, J. Quest pursued a professional career in hip hop and drumming, performing as a musician alongside superstar Enrique Iglesias at the "American Music Awards" as well as MTV's hit competition show "America's Best Dance Crew". Quest's hip hop debut would follow suit in 2011 with his mixtape "Beyond Expected" which was quickly nominated for "Mixtape Of the Year" by the North Carolina based blog site "ThaRealBizness". From this project, J. Quest developed his motto "Go Beyond"; a testament to his unwavering desire to encourage and exemplify the will to exceed all expectations and negativity. Supporters of Quest and his movement have been dubbed "Beyond Goers". Following the release of his mixtape, Quest's performances became abundant all across southern California and eventually attracted the support of multiple college radio stations including California State University Long Beach as well as California State University Dominguez. In 2012, Quest released his second mixtape titled "30 Hour Days". Not long after release, the new mixtape played a pivotal role alongside Quest at the "Lavish Events Talent Showcase" where he won the "Best Artist" award.

In 2013, J. Quest became both the Vice President and a signed artist of the independent record label, First Kingz Productions. He currently produces pieces for various artists and is also pursuing an education in musical composition for film; all while developing his own debut album. As he moves into the future, Quest graciously encourages others to embrace the underlying message of his motto "Go Beyond" and desires to see a population in which individuals are influenced by his music and avidly seek to exceed all negativity.